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Learn To Whisper

What makes a great turnaround CEO? What motivates a team, executives, multiple departments, entire organizations to fix a distressed and bankrupt manufacturing company?.

Learn To Whisper is not about talking extra softly with hushed sounds, but learning to speak as a successful CEO who builds winning cultures, self-confident teams, and assertive people.

Organized into 101 successful management lessons and separated into 17 subjects, it’s everything a CEO needs to know not just to manage, but how to write and execute the turnaround plan to fix distressed manufacturing companies.

01Learn To Whisper.

02Enter a Turn Around Alone.

03Daily Net Cash Availability.

04Improving The Bank Loan.

05Meeting The External Auditor.

06Considering Chaper 11.

07Don't Try To Grow Sales.

101Advice for Boards of Directors and CEO's.

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Operational leadership

Why I wrote "Learn To Whisper."

Bob Amter

My conclusion after operating as a Turnaround Chief Executive Officer for more than twenty-five years is that the majority of this country’s top management is far from first-rate. In fact top management, particularly at the chief executive officer level, is at best average with a large number that can be rated mediocre. This lack of management competence has seen this country’s market leaders lose sizeable market share to foreign manufacturers able to export better quality and lower cost products to the USA. It has seen manufacturing and service operations unnecessarily moved to foreign countries. All of which has negatively affected the economy, severely damaged former blue-chip corporations and seen quality jobs lost.

It is quite common to discover that companies struggling with this inability to compete with foreign companies have been simply mismanaged. The once successful business deteriorated because of an incompetent chief executive officer and weak senior management.

Why doesn’t this nation have first-rate management? Inadequate training. Chief executive officers and vice presidents learn “on the job”. A number get promoted based on personality, political connections and drive - not merit. They are not carefully screened for the potential to become successful at managing. For some all that is needed is a well-written resume, the right interviewing style and the inability of a new employer to accurately assess skills, performance and potential.

Compare this to the process doctors go through. From medical school to internship to residency to a senior role after years of education, experience and continuous training their progress and capabilities are constantly monitored even after they become senior in the profession. Generals and Admirals go through a similar protocol. They must prove themselves in low-level assignments before they are judged qualified for senior positions. Unqualified applicants in both professions are culled out. What can be done to improve management competence? Education, on-the-job training and job performance monitoring. My book will educate people on the subject of managing. Its 101 management lessons are separated into the 17 subjects managers need to know.

The Author

Robert F. Amter

Chief Executive Officer, Board Member

Since 1991, Bob Amter has operated as a Chief Executive Officer, an Adviser and a member of Boards of Directors of distressed turnarounds and profitable manufacturing and service companies on behalf of such clients as Bank of New York, General Electric Capital, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and Morgan Stanley. CEO assignments have included Evenflo Company and Ladish Co.


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